Natural Oils From Africa

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Pure African oils that are sourced and produced with conscience, care and concern.

If you are looking for organic pure African oils that are sourced and produced with conscience, care and concern for the future of our natural resources, ecosystem and people, you are on the right site. We make sure that your ingredients are freshly made and of best quality. Our oils are extracted to order and with integrity. You can order small quantities or bulk. Let us know how we can help you. Kalahari Natural Oils Ltd was founded in 2006. We work with communities in remote rural parts of Zambia. The Wild collection from the forests is mainly done by women. We follow Organic Production and Processing Rules and UN BioTrade Principle's & Criteria for use of Terrestrial Biodiversity to ensure the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits generated from the utilisation of forest resources.
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We produce natural oils from Africa with focus on sustainable sourcing and ethical trade.

Our harvest area is located in remote rural south west Zambia. Our process involves eco-friendly wild collection that benefits the people and forests in the areas where we operate. We begun the commercialization of the mongongo oil 15 years ago. The collection is mainly done by women. We purchase hand-cracked nuts from local harvesters and extract oil for use in cosmetics. The oils is carefully cold pressed. The entire operation is certified organic by Ecocert SA. Our supply chain and oil production involves standard procedures and appropriate technology where producers and consumers are linked with minimal impact on the environment.  
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Storing and managing natural oils.

All pure plant-based oils and fats age with time depending on the fatty acid composition of the oil and exposure to air. All vegetable oils become rancid due to oxidization. When you buy oil you need to know the fatty acid composition of the oil, date of manufacturing and recommended best before date so you can determine how to best schedule the use of the oil. Oils with a high percentage of saturated fatty acids are more stable than oils with a high percentage of polysaturated fatty acids. 

Using rancid oils can compromise your cosmetic product and may cause bad smell and allergic reaction. By storing the oil in a dark, cool and dry location, with a tightly closed lid the oil will last longer. When you are buying oil from Kalahari you will always get high quality, freshly extracted oil.

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